Fruits of procrastination

This is the second time I’m checking whether I can write a LATEX equation in wordpress.


o(HK)=\frac{o(H)o(K)}{o(H\cap K)}

Why I have nothing better to do than blog :(

After trying to follow blogs by various mathematicians, I have concluded that having a digital presence is pretty darned cool and useful in academia! Hence, in my pursuit of the forever-elusive elixir of “cool”, I have decided to record my progress in Algebraic Geometry through this blog. I’m no expert. But I feel trying to explain concepts to others promotes a higher degree of clarity than self-study, athough this is debatable and most definitely a grey area.

I really do hope Math enthusiasts find this blog to be a useful spot for better explanations of convoluted geometrical/algebraic concepts.

And reaffirm that beneath all the daunting machinery, Math is so simple and beautiful.