Neuroscience and Indian law enforcement

Let’s face it. Raj Kundra probably does own a mobile app that uploads pornographic videos. The app is called Hotshots, and some satisfied consumers of the app, perhaps out of a sense of duty to their fellow Indians, have uploaded content from the app to multiple porn sites on the internet. Hence, Kundra’s masterpieces areContinue reading “Neuroscience and Indian law enforcement”

Music and Class in India

I was in middle school when I started listening to American music (we called it English music) and watching American TV series (on Star World, for those in the know). Soon, I was listening to a lot of Backstreet Boys, and watching a lot of Friends, Dexter, etc. It was a strange feeling. Although IContinue reading “Music and Class in India”

Some notes on Elementary Differential Geometry

I will discuss these notes on Differential Geometry. Why study vector fields, differential forms etc on a manifold, when you can directly study the whole manifold itself? Well, what does studying the whole manifold mean? One might say “Just look at it! You’ll see the shape and other geometric features”. That is true. However, whatContinue reading “Some notes on Elementary Differential Geometry”

Status signaling in academia

This is how math grad students talk: I don’t really understand this very simple concept. What is the essence of this object, and why was it needed at all? I perhaps need to construct ten different examples or think of alternate definitions before I can successfully narrow down what this means. No. Not really. ThisContinue reading “Status signaling in academia”

CR-Invariant powers of the sub-Laplacian-I

Today I will be reviewing the paper “CR-invariant powers of the sub-Laplacian” by Rod Gover and Robin Graham in order to hopefully understand it better. I will post images from the original paper, and then writing an explanatory commentary below. Why do we care about powers of laplacians? Because they naturally comes up when weContinue reading “CR-Invariant powers of the sub-Laplacian-I”