PTSD and Type II thinking

[Note: This article is highly speculative, and I will pull it down without warning if I find evidence to the contrary] Reading very many of Scott Alexander blogposts, which review basic neuroscience research, has given me the impression that PTSD and depression might be a fundamental neuroscience problem. Let me explain that below. What doesContinue reading “PTSD and Type II thinking”

Quantum Computing

Today, I will be talking about quantum computing. I will be following Quantum Computing– Lecture Notes by Mark Osdin, who is a professor at the University of Washington, Seattle. These lecture notes are roughly based on the book Quantum Computing and Quantum Information by Michael A. Nielsen and Isaac L. Chuang. So what exactly isContinue reading “Quantum Computing”

Poverty, mental health and rhesus monkeys

Today I came across a very interesting paper titled “Values Encoded in orbitofrontal cortex are causally related to economic choices” by Ballesta, Shi, Conen and Padua-Schioppa. I haven’t read and analyzed the paper fully, partly because of the many statistical tools that I will have to learn to assess it carefully. However, I did manageContinue reading “Poverty, mental health and rhesus monkeys”

Economics with bad drawings

All things considered, I am not very good at reading. Let me elaborate on that. Most of my learning, throughout my life, has been based upon reading texts. Recently, while trying to wrap my head around complicated geometric notions written in texts without pictures, I realized that I was pretty horrible at understanding concepts withoutContinue reading “Economics with bad drawings”

Evolution, Wars and Game theory

This post is on Evolutionary Game Theory, derived from the book Networks, Crowds and Markets: Reasoning about a highly connected world by David Easley and Jon Kleinberg. This seemingly esoteric field shines a light on an incredible number of things, including evolution, wars, and society itself. Although the subject is inherently mathematical, the mathematics onlyContinue reading “Evolution, Wars and Game theory”

Effective Altruism- October

I am attaching my EA donation slip for October below. I took the Effective Altruism pledge last year, in which I pledged to donate 10% of my lifetime earnings to the organization. Today is a special day for many Indians, including myself, as today is Gandhi Jayanti, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. Reading his autobiography was oneContinue reading “Effective Altruism- October”

Forecasting the American presidential elections

The article that I will be talking about today is How the Economist presidential forecast works by G. Elliott Morris. I have always wanted to know more about how American Presidential forecasts work, and how reliable they are. This is my attempt to try and understand it. Note that the authors have developed a codeContinue reading “Forecasting the American presidential elections”