Effective Altruism- December

Contrary to the title, I decided to not donate to Effective Altruism this December. Instead, I donated $250 to a fundraiser to help a friend’s father, who needed the money for his cancer treatment. I recently read “Poor Economics” by Siddharth Banerjee and Esther Duflo, in which they outline their Nobel Prize winning work. TheyContinue reading “Effective Altruism- December”

Effective Altruism- November

For my readings this month, I will try and read a survey on the work of this year’s Nobel prize winners in economics. I will mostly follow this survey by the Nobel Prize committee. Edit: Turns out that I read their basic arguments in this slatestarcodex post. The author of this post mainly wants toContinue reading “Effective Altruism- November”

Effective Altruism- October

My receipt from my donation to EA for the month of October is attached below: I haven’t read anything directly related to social causes this past month. But I did read the books “12 Rules for Life” by Jordan Peterson and “Elon Musk” by Ashlee Vance. Both tangentially talk about the need to approach socialContinue reading “Effective Altruism- October”

Effective Altruism- September

I made my donation to Effective Altruism for the month of September. The donation is $20 less this time because I donated that amount to a friend’s birthday fundraiser earlier in the month. The receipt is attached below: Of the books that I completed last month, the two most relevant are both by Jared Diamond-Continue reading “Effective Altruism- September”

Effective Altruism- August

Given below is my donation to EA this month. Today is India’s Independence Day, and hence an appropriate occasion to talk about this report. It is a 560 page report on torture in Kashmir, out of which I read the first 100 pages. More than anything, it helped broaden my viewpoint on the Kashmir conflict.Continue reading “Effective Altruism- August”

Effective Altruism- June and July

Sorry I have not written about Effective Altruism in June and July, and that is mostly because I have fallen behind on my readings regarding social issues. I am uploading my donation slips from June and July: As you might have noticed, I have only donated 5%, instead of the usual 10% of my earningsContinue reading “Effective Altruism- June and July”

Effective Altruism- May

I turned *way too old* earlier this month. Hence, on my birthday month, I would like to record the donation I made to Effective Altruism: I have also started reading on poverty in India. The first paper that I perused (very) partially is this. It is a paper written by two Indian PhD students atContinue reading “Effective Altruism- May”

Effective Altruism – March

I’m recording the payment I made to Effective Altruism in the month of March, to keep my pledge of donating 10% of my lifetime income to it. I had said that I’ll soon write an article about causes that concern me/that I want to make monetary contributions to. Some articles that I read in theContinue reading “Effective Altruism – March”